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Loving Lately…


I have always been obsessively obsessed with hand creams, lip balms, perfumes, anything that is pink and all things that smell great! As I grow older I think or at least I hope I have become more sophisticated in my choices of what suites my skin and hair type. My skin can go from an oily t- zone in the summer to having dry patches in the winter. I still occasionally break out but thankfully this has become less as I grow older.

I still use some of the home remedies my mum uses i.e. the gram flour, turmeric and milk face pack, clay pack made at home and to coating my hair in oil enough to fry a few puris! At the young age of 60 something ( I dare not reveal the exact age!) my mum has the smoothest and clear skin, jet black long hair and the thing I envy the most is she has never had to wax/shave her legs! What the hell Mum why can’t I have inherited at least two of these qualities ????

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