Smart kid


 You know you have a smart kid when your child tells you the following things:

‘Mum you are genius!’

I asked why am I a genius? He replies ‘ Because you are my mum and can you buy me Philmore? (somethings to do with Cars 2)!’

Right… that’s why I am genius!


Another time ‘Ma I love you so much!’

Me: ‘Why???’ (I am always suspicious- why do I need to ask why???)

Hriday: ‘Because I love you and can you bring me some toys?’ With those big innocent eyes how can I say no?

But I did! Have to be strong, he may nearly be 4 but he is a master manipulator!

It’s been a little quiet around here…


Well it’s not been that quiet! I have been so busy with stuff that blogging has taken a back seat for a while! A few life changing decisions made, a few weddings attended and spending lots of time with Hriday!  Just spending time with family and friends. Below is a little glimpse of days spent with Hriday.

A day out at the park.

A day out at the park.




A family wedding attended- which Hriday tried to copy once we were at home. Asked him what he was doing and he replied 'Doing shaadi with ma!'

A family wedding attended- which Hriday tried to copy once we were at home. Asked him what he was doing and he replied ‘Doing shaadi with ma!’


Hope you all are having a great week!  Will be back soon!

How I trick my Hriday into eating Broccoli


Broccoli is one veggie that is hated in my house, I know how good it is for us but I can’t to bring to eat it myself or cook it for Hriday. So I trick myself and Hriday into eating in the form of a paratha. Recently another blogger posted how she found it difficult to come up with recipes to include nutritious ingredients her mother in law came to her rescue. Around the time she wrote the post Hriday was being difficult and demanding paratha everyday so I was coming up with different combinations everyday. Here is one such combo which was requested 2 days in row by the hubby and Hriday! Complete win!

I made the paratha dough the usual way I make chappati dough but with little more oil and added 1/2 tsp of salt and 1 tsp of Jeera (cumin)

For the dough:

3 cups of wholewheat flour

enough luke warm water to bind to a semi firm dough

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp jeera

1 tbsp oil

 I rubbed in the oil to the flour, to give the paratha a flaky texture when cooked. Added rest of the dry ingredients, mixed well and then combined with water to form a semi firm dough.

Ingredients used in the stuffing were:



Grated Boiled Potato



Green Chilli



Amchoor (dried mango powder)


I can’t remember the exact measurements I just eyeball this. The spinach (I used spinach from the freezer which I thawed in the microwave and then squeezed  all the water out), broccoli I ran through the food processor, onion chopped finely, chopped  garlic, ginger and green chilli was minced together (I already had this ready from my freezer). I combined all the ingredients except for the cheese.  I reserved some of the stuffing for Hriday before making a spicier version for rest of the family.


Roll out the dough, small a circle.



Add 1 tbsp of the broccoli and spinach stuffing.



Add the cheese. I used a strong red cheese called Red Leicester.



Gather the out layer of the rolled out dough and pinch of the excess. You should have something that look like below.



Roll it out. I made small round disc shape for Hriday, just so he would find it fun.



Place on the tava (frying pan) which has been heated through. Flip it over after a minut. It should look roughly like the below picture. After another minute brush ghee and flip it over again. This time let it cook a for a minute or 2 on a low flame to cook everything inside.




Apply a little ghe one more time and let it cook.


Hriday likes to eat paratha with a little ketchup!

Hriday helping me make parathas!

Hriday helping me make parathas!

A desperate housewife/mother…


Dear Husband,


There are some things better said in a letter. You mean the world to me but most of the time you annoy the hell out of me!


For the past 4 weeks (specially) you have been getting up late on Monday mornings and making so much noise while getting ready! This is usually because you have been waking up late, crashing into one thing or another in your haste get out of the door so you don’t miss your 7.30am train. Also another thing why do you leave it up until Monday morning the iron your work shirts??? YOU HAVE HAD A WHOLE WEEKEND!!!


I am so tired of you crashing around trying to get things done and rushing out of the door that you slam it shut so the pictures on the wall in the hallway crash on the floor, one time the shoe rack fell over you don’t see these but I am left to pick up the pieces, Hriday wakes up an hour earlier and is grumpy which is not a great start to the week. So in a desperate attempt to have a more peaceful Monday I will hid the iron. That’s right you read that correctly. On Sunday night after you have gone to sleep the iron will disappear- this should A) prompt you to be more organised, B) Iron your clothes on time, C) listen to me and D) teach you not mess with me.


So to summarise IRON YOUR CLOTHES AT THE WEEKEND!! and don’t even bother to ask to me on Monday where the iron is.

Yours ever so lovingly,


p.s Lazy husbands 0 vs desperate housewife (partly evil genius) 1


Some of you reading maybe wondering why we don’t use the local laundry store but my motto is why pay for it when you can do it for free or at minimal cost! Also sometimes I like to see my husband puzzle over which setting to use. I am easily entertained and generally at the cost of my husband. 🙂