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My name is…


I have been thinking about this for quite some time now. Some people give themselves or are given a shortened version of their own name. For example Priyanka (my niece) often becomes Priya or Piya. Hriday I sometimes call Hridu although I don’t use it often. His friends call him Hridz (very cool)!!  Although I have noticed in India this takes a whole new dimension. Often people are called by a complete different name to what they were named at birth! Why???? It was so confusing for me! I had a girl in school whose name on the register was Mariam but when I went to her house her parents called her Yasmin! Several times I was caught out by this and it would only lead to confusion!

What got me thinking was that often people call me Sej my name is Sejal. The thing is this annoys the hell out of me! I have not asked these people to call me Sej. I mean how hard is it to say Sejal?? This also bought back memories when 2 girls in my secondary school started saying Sej, I would ask them not to but they would still do it just so they could annoy me. One day it after hearing ‘Sej’ enough times I turned back and said (now let me just say I could not have made this up! It was perfect!!!)

“Look girls my name is not that hard to say- it’s Sejal and not Sej very very simple. Also I don’t think you would appreciate it if I shortened your name to Shit and Poo without asking if it was alright to do so!”

Now I said that sentence and then realised what had just happened. Their names were Shital (Shit) and Poonam (Poo)! I kid you not! It was perfect! Had a little chuckle to myself as I was as surprised as them! Two things happened that day. They stopped calling me Sej but now the whole class who had heard the exchange started calling them Shit and Poo. This lasted until they went to college! I did feel a little guilty about this but then every time I felt guilty I would remind myself that they were asking for it! Also they stopped talking to me! Girls eh? This was all 15 years ago why do I still remember this? Just read the above paragraph well a line!

So some monikers are self-created, some by parents and some like these 2 girls are created on the spur of the moment and really girls don’t be angry with me for having such unfortunate names, blame your parents and your fate for making you friends. Frankly you were asking for it!