Hello… my name is Sejal and I started this blog because I want to write (seems obvious you say?) well when I say write I wanted to write creatively but I have writer’s block (even before I started!). So anyway I thought I would start by documenting things that happen to me, around me and to my near and dear ones and sometimes about annoying people too!  Sort of like a chronicle but with humour.


So what do I do when I am not talking about me? … well I work –ta dah! When I am not working and talking about me I do my best to annoy the hell out of my husband (poor man- he has no chance).


Other mildly interesting things about me (it may not be interesting to you but I like it!)


I am married and have been married for 6 years. We have a wonderful if not cheeky 3 year old son. My husband works and I work between our long commutes we somehow manage to fit in some time with our son.


While we are working – we someone wonderful look after our son. When I say wonderful – I really mean amazing, multi-talented, beautiful and out of this world great person- MY MUM! Yep that’s right who else can I trust to look after my son than my mum!  


In my spare time (I never seem to have any after my son was born) but before this major event I used to :


  1. Read- used to read mysteries, thrillers and an occasional Twilight book (ahem!)
  2. Travel have managed to visit most of Europe, some of USA and India (Mumbai practically being my   second home!)
  3. Go out with friends –yes that’s right SINGLE/COUPLE with no kids friends!
  4. Watch TV-food channels being my favourite!  


Please don’t get me wrong – I still do all of the above


  1. I still read- but now I read bed-time stories can you imagine reading Thomas the Tank Engine every night?
  2.  Travel – Mostly to India to visit the other half’s family (my wonderful in-laws) which not a negative point at all!Seriously it’s not –they indeed are marvellous!
  3. Go out with friends – yep we still do this but with families or young couples with children. Again not a negative point but sometimes I just need to see my single or ‘in a relationship’ friends so I can get jealous ( yep- I am sad that way)
  4. Watch TV – Disney Channel –Curious George, Thomas and the Tank Engine and Mickey Mouse. I know all characters of these cartoons –go on test me I will ace it! 🙂


So that’s it – this is my life at this moment!


Keep reading!


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