My Superhero.


On a recent trip to Luxembourg (was visiting husband for the weekend as he has been working there for around a month now). We missed him so much (just kidding!) it’s been so peaceful around here 🙂

Anyway I digress I was feeling rather air sick on the 50 minute plane ride there and Hriday held my hand all the time reassuring me that he could see land from his window and we would be down soon. This was immediately followed by ‘Whoa! the plane is going up and down!’ This did not help at all! Thanks Hriday!

This made me think how kids these days are so used to flying that nothing fazes them at all. I remember being his age or slightly older and being air sick all the time when my mum and I would fly to India. Hriday seemed so natural at flying, he took it all in his stride saying hello to all the cabin crew asking every few rows whether that was his seat. Settling down in his seat he would buckle himself in and spend most of the time looking out of the window.

Hriday was only 3 months old when he took his first flight to India. We thought forget short haul flights let’s just go for a 10 hour flight and amazingly he fed and slept through most of the flight! I remember other babies on-board older than him not enjoying the experience at all. Why was he so calm? I don’t know! I have never been able to figure it out. In his 4 years he has been on as many as 15 flights and we have three 10 hour long flights coming in the next 3 months and I hope this calmness or his coolness lasts!



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  1. I wish Hriday would share his advice with everyone… what keeps him so calm. Flying is scary… for the most part everyone makes it, but still.. those bumpy flights over the Atlantic scare the crap out of me, but I can’t help but visit Europe over and over and over again. 🙂

    • I don’t know what makes him so calm- although I do pep him up with excitement to wherever he is going so that is probably what gets him excited rather than irritable. You are so right flights over the Atlantic scare the living day lights out of me. My recent experience being to Argentina! Europe is a whole different combo although I have had some hair raising moments on them too!

    • Hi Amelia- Hriday was amazingly well behaved its as if he knew at 4 months that he had to be good little boy! Also now I try to get late or night flights and also tire him out before the plane ride so he falls asleep!

  2. I would like some pointers from Hriday. My daughter is a terrible flyer. Though she seems to be getting better with age. It is amazing, how at ease they are with air travel. I think my first flight was when I was 10 and that too it was like an hour.

  3. Hi Shefali, I am not sure how Hriday does it. He just takes it in his stride. He seems to be born with wings or it must be in his genes! I have taken countless number of flights in my lifetime and when I was pregnant with him and only recently have become a little nervous. Now I am better prepared snacks, toys and new games on the Samsung tab keep him entertained for hours plus I stick to night time where possible so he can sleep for some of the time.

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