Smart kid


 You know you have a smart kid when your child tells you the following things:

‘Mum you are genius!’

I asked why am I a genius? He replies ‘ Because you are my mum and can you buy me Philmore? (somethings to do with Cars 2)!’

Right… that’s why I am genius!


Another time ‘Ma I love you so much!’

Me: ‘Why???’ (I am always suspicious- why do I need to ask why???)

Hriday: ‘Because I love you and can you bring me some toys?’ With those big innocent eyes how can I say no?

But I did! Have to be strong, he may nearly be 4 but he is a master manipulator!

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  1. Ii think your son and my son are either watching the same TV program or movie or they are secretly getting together to manipulate us mothers, because Ishan said exactly the same thing to me last week (not joking) too..”Mum, you’re a genius!”

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