Suspended Coffee



No it’s not coffee suspended from a roof or anything! For most of you who do not know what this is – it’s basically when you go buy a cup of coffee at most of the chain coffee places you can buy a cup of joe for yourself and order a suspended coffee which is basically reserved for the homeless. So if a homeless person walks in to Starbucks (click link to read more about it) for example he or she can ask for a suspended coffee. This tradition started in Naples, Italy and is slowly spreading across the world.


I love this concept, I buy from Starbucks more often than I should and recently at least twice a week I have bought a suspended coffee. I do this at a particular branch near my work because I have seen homeless people go in their and often staff will bring them something to eat for free or let them sit in there to get out of the cold. I know is tiny amount towards contributing to charity but I feel good doing this. The concept has not really caught on here yet, but spreading the word is the only way forward!


 I know it’s just a cup of coffee or in some instance a little snack but for a homeless person it may be the only warm cup of liquid they have all day!


So if you are a coffee fiend like me, next time you pop in to your fav coffee chain get a suspended coffee or tea and of course you get to have your favourite Caramel macchiato too! 😉

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    • Amelia I agree I think rather than giving to a charity who knows where the money ends up, I would rather go buy a hot drink and food for the homeless! Also while I was in India I stopped putting money in the donation boxes in temples and just used the money to buy food for the endless number of homeless people that are usually living nearby! I don’t think suspended coffee will take over in India but an alternative would be so cool!

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