Yummy dessert in Mendoza.


Imagine a  silky smooth chocolate mousse, infused with an orange liqueur topped with Chantilly cream and you are close to heaven. The Chantilly cream which I had never tried before was the star of this dessert! Hubby and I popped out to a restaurant in Mendoza for dinner one of the nights and I was not feeling too well so skipped dinner and was just browsing the menu while my husband enjoyed his ravioli. All the dessert options were in Spanish but I knew as soon I read Chantilly cream I had to try it and boy I don’t regret one second of it! Well worth skipping dinner for this! The glass glued to the plate using dulce de leche (yes that’s how thick this sweet spread is!). The dessert itself was layered first with dulce de leche, then chocolate mousse with hints of the orange liqueur and topped with the Chantilly cream. The texture of the cream as you can imagine was silky smooth and I purposely took small spoonfuls to make it last longer! 😉

Sweet chocolate mousse with chantilly cream.

Sweet chocolate mousse with chantilly cream.

Seeing how much I was enjoying the dessert the waitress bought out a little bowl of Chantilly cream on its own (now that’s service for you!) Which I devoured too! Did my husband like it? Nope not one bit- that’s partly because he didn’t get to try it (ahem) not one tiny bit. I can be selfish like that! 🙂

Wouldn’t you be??

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  1. I have to say choccie mousse is always my first option in the dessert menu…and this mousse looks pretty damn amazing…I would not share it either!! Is that sticky caramel on top?

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