Happy Holi!


India and Indians have lots of great religious festivals during the year. In my opinion Holi happens to be the most fun (better known as a festival of colours.). Holi usually means the start of the spring season in India and what better way to celebrate than with colours! Holi is mainly observed in India and Nepal but celebrated all around the world. It’s a two day festival with the 1st day a bonfire is light to signify the destruction of evil and the next day full of festivities of colour, food and bhang! Click on the link to understand why Holi suddenly becomes such a fun festival! 😉

Colours of Holi.

Colours of Holi.

Sadly we don’t get a day off in UK to celebrate Holi, we don’t get a chance to celebrate as they would in India. In fact the last time I celeberated Holi in India I was 16! That’s a long time ago! There is always next year! 🙂

Holi 3.

Holi 2

See what I mean? Doesn’t it look fun? So wherever you are hope you have a great Holi and don’t drink too much bhang! 🙂

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