Cafe Tortoni and Empanadas in Buenos Aires


Café Tortoni is a cafe in Buenos Aires located on May Avenue (Avenida de Mayo).  Opened in 1958 by a French immigrant, this cafe has become an iconic cafe in Buenos Aires, a must see when visiting the city. It has had many famous people walk through its doors- Carlos Gardel (the most prominent figure in the Tango movement), Hilary Clinton, Albert Einstein to name a few.

SAM_1716 - Copy


Of course my main reason to visit this cafe was to take in the ambience and also to have a cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and Chocolate con churros (their most talked about dish).

Cafe con leche.

Cafe con leche.



We also went to El Sanjuanino in Recoleta, Buenos Aires which is best known for its empanadas. I could tell this place was good, as the locals (portenos) were either coming in to eat or they were ordering take-aways, there was a steady stream of this. In my opinion if you can see a restuarant full of locals then it must be a decent place to eat. The empanadas here we delicious!

Yummy Empanadas!

Yummy Empanadas!

Have you made or tasted empanadas? Which once was your favourite or what fillings did you use?

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  1. OMG.. what’s sad is i’m taking notes and sending myself emails as I read this. Argentina is on my list for this year, but really not sure if I’ll be able to go.. I wanna go to Greece before South America. Let’s see. Both places look super cute. favorite empanadas, i’d have to say .. love anything veggie, and also love the shredded chicken empanadas.
    there is this argentinian empanada place that comes to the farmers market and they have a huge variety.. i was in heaven. i also love chicken and rice empanadas.

    OMG.. i’m salivating!!!

  2. I am dying to go to Buenos Aires! Really, I can’t wait to go…it’s next on my list. Great recap of your trip.

    Empanadas look amazing. I’ll have to try one soon!

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