I don’t take rejection very well- it affects me so much that I think about it for days, weeks, months… and it seems Hriday is developing the same trait too albeit he seems to get over it much more quickly than I do. It’s an admirable quality and maybe I could stand to learn a few things from him. Yesterday we went to a very girly 4th birthday party and here is how the conversation went between Hriday and me during the day.

Hriday: Is it time for the party?

Me: Well the party is at 3 (showed him on a clock when it will be 3.) This was at 10am.

Hriday: Is it 3 yet – five minutes later.

Me: No it isn’t

Hriday: When will it be 3?

Me: In a few hours, why don’t you play with your cars while I make you breakfast.

Hriday: Ok.. but is it 3 yet?

Me: Nope not yet. ( I am not the most patient person so Hriday gives me every chance to practise being more patient!)

Hriday: So If I play with my toys and have breakfast will be it 3?

Me: … I hope so!

After breakfast which thankfully took over an hour for him to finish, not because there was lots on his plate, he just had to get from his chair about 10 million times to collect his various toy cars while eating. My patience level slowly diminishing.


Hriday with his growing collection of cars.

Hriday: So now can we go.

Me: Nope you need to have a bath first.

Hriday: Can I have a bubble bath with my toys?

Me: Yep –but only if you stay in there for another hour…please. (You can almost hear me pleading!)

After the bath I was hoping he would go to sleep for his afternoon nap but he was too wired for the party. So we played a few games, read and he helped me wrap up the birthday girl’s present.

Ready for the party! He can be such a poser!

Ready for the party! He can be such a poser!

On the way to the party

Hriday: Is it 3,4 or 10 birthday party?

Me: It’s a 4 party

Hriday: I didn’t bring any cars with me.

Me: Don’t worry there will be plenty of toys to play with there.

Once we arrived at the party Hriday hunted for toy cars, not seeing any he almost cried. Whatever will he do if couldn’t play with cars!

Me: Have you wished her Happy Birthday?

Hriday goes to hug and wish her but she was not having any of it, she ignored him and started playing with the other kids. I could see the confusion and hurt in his face but Hriday being Hriday just shrugged and found another little girl wished her happy birthday and hugged her! Hilarious- it’s almost as if he had a hug to give and someone was getting one at that party! After that the little girl and Hriday pretty much stayed together during the whole party.

Lesson learned folks… no matter how many rejections you face, you shrug and grab the next opportunity that comes your way and what better to learn it from a 3 ½ year old!

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