Hriday speaks…


My son who is 3 ½ years old will turn 30 in July 2013! I am not kidding- this little dude can talk! He can have a conversation with you like a grown man!


He wakes up around 9 everyday if I am around he says ‘good morning Ma!’ and then he does not stop until his afternoon nap (these are 2 golden hours) where I make dinner, laundry, washing up and clean up Hriday’s toys which are scattered around the whole house. He wakes up again and we repeat the whole morning process again. Here is a chat I had with him around 8 months ago.


A few months before his 3rd birthday, the following happened… He had been playing with his trains and cars all the while saying to me that he and Malaika are taking the blue mini cooper. Just to humour him I thought I would ask him about ‘Malaika’ (I should have known better- the conversation we had, left me speechless).

Me: So who is this Malaika?

Hriday: Ma.. she is my girlfriend.

Me: Oh! Ok.. how old is she? (typical mum question!)

Hriday: 5

Me: Right.. (i must have had a confused look on my face at that moment)

Hriday: Don’t worry Ma I won’t do shaadi with her! (Shaadi a hindi word for marriage)

Me: left with nothing to say or ask!


All I kept thinking about was a) how does he know the word shaadi?? b) How did he just manage to put that into the context of our conversation?? c) and why did he say don’t worry??? This little conversation still leaves me bewildered


I could give you more examples but I have started wondering about the above conversation again and can not help but think will we repeat this dialouge again once he is older? How many times will I be left asking the same questions?

Do I look like I talk a lot??

Do I look like I talk a lot??


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    • Hey Amelia- nice to see you here. Yep he can be very cute most of the time! 🙂 As soon as my son was born me and my family spoke only in Gujarati even though we live in London. My reasoning behind this was that we will eventually learn Enlgish in school so it will be better if he knows his mother tongue. Two reasons behind this 1) i do not want my cultural language dying and 2) he will be able to communicate with his grandsparents without any difficulty! Before he started playschool I slowly introduced English to him and now he switched between both languages so easily it astounds me! As to Hindi well he is getting better at that too- after watching one too many Indian movies with me! Kids are like that picking up skills so much more quickly. I am always learning things from my little one. Maybe your son can teach you too! Wouldn’t that be funny teacher becoming a student!! 🙂

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