Inspiring news…in a bad bad world!


Lately I have been reading on newspaper websites or seeing facebook posts about a Spanish runner intentionally slowing down to help his competitor to the finish line. Apparently another runner Abel Mutai slowed thinking he had crossed the finish line -however the Spanish runner Ivan Fernandez Anaya helped him finish and he himself came second. Read some of the newspapers reporting this here.

So why do I mention this here- it is because this has just made the news in the last week. This race took place on 2nd December 2012! Why is it making rounds in the news now? In my opinion good gestures nowadays is just not news worthy enough. I am not saying that newspapers and news websites should be just about the good stuff- but it should be more balanced out!

However on another note – this story reminds me that there are still some good guys out there in competitive sport be it of any kind and will not cheat to get ahead unlike this guy. I am not saying Mr Anaya had an opportunity to cheat, he simply did not take advantage of an unfair situation. His coach was not impressed stating that the gesture like this has made him a better human being but not a good athlete. What! A good athlete wins a competition on his merit, working and training hard I say! This guy by coming 2nd has made more news than the guy who won! Now that’s one way of getting noticed! See with integrity you can win this world!

On another related note…I used to get so nervous when taking part in my school’s sports days but my dad used to always tell me ‘You don’t have to win, just take part. I don’t want you to be a child who sits on a bench constantly worried about failure.’ So I took part- knowing there were better students than me in the competition. I saw more 2nd, 3rd 4th and even 19th places than 1st but never did it occur to me to cheat because deep down I knew that one day it will catch up with me. It’s all about scruples baby! 🙂

So why have I blogged this –it is because I don’t want to forget the athlete Mr Anaya. In couple of years Hriday will be at school and from a young age I would like him to take part physical education at school and not be afraid of coming 2nd, 3rd or even last and instilling good values from a young age. I would like to show him this example when he has second thoughts about competing be it sports, spelling bee or exams! No pressure Hriday!

Mummy loves you but I do not want you to give up on anything you try. Starting with ‘How about trying to clean up your toys-which are scattered around the whole house??’

Fancy a game of cricket anyone??

Fancy a game of cricket anyone??

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