Our usual weekend…




What is the best way to start writing a blog? I have no clue what so ever! So let’s start with my little jaunt to Paris (where else right?) 

So a few weekends ago my wonderful husband, my 3 year old and I found ourselves waking up at 4am (yes that’s right) to go St Pancras station to catch an early Eurostar train to Paris. Hriday could not contain his excitement he was the first one from us to get ready (his shoes and jacket on in less than a minute-normally this process take 5- 10 mins on a normal day and with me telling/shouting numerous times to get a move on! 

Anyway I digress – the main point is we got to Paris nice and early, the hotel let us check in early and we were ready to explore the romantic city! Sounds perfect doesn’t it? However this is me we are talking about- things never go to plan. As soon as we unpacked Hriday decided he was tired and wanted to go to sleep- so what did we do? You guessed it- we all took a nap- that’s right.. we took a nap on our 2 day holiday! 

After our much needed rest – we were ready to explore the city and explore we did people! We were so tired we treated ourselves to some desert!


Hriday with his banana split which he did not want to share.

The next day was all about the Eiffel Tower -we must have seen from so many different places. Hriday was so excited about the Eiffel Tower he sang all the way there. ‘I am going to Eiffel Tower I am going to Eiffel Tower’ cute at first but after 10 mins we were begging him to stop! 


You can see the excitement on Hriday’s face!

So this is how I started my birthday weekend with the two of the most loveliest but sometimes annoying boys in the world! 

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